Just Beginning

Hello there everyone, as you all will see I’m sure, this is my very first post so I hope I don’t get thrown out by my pants loops! I’ll start by telling you a little about myself today. I am the mother of 3, the grandmother of 5, 4 boys and 1 girl! They are the loves of my life, I really don’t know what I ever did without them in my life, really. They range in age from 1 year old to 18 years old! What fun indeed! I have 2 dogs, Max, he is a miniature schnauzer. Max is very spoiled and he knows it! He loves to take long rides in the truck, not in the car! He has a “hump” he can sit on in the truck. My other dog is Tanner, Tanner is a Rottweiller. He is just adorable. He loves everyone! Most people are so afraid of him because of his size but he’s really such a sweetie! I love to garden, bake, cook most anything, sew, and I love to read. My most favorite thing to do besides spending time with my grandchildren is spending time taking care of my chickens. That’s right, “chickens”. I love chickens! Just one step into my backyard and you’ll know it! I love tiny newborn chicks, 6 week old chicks, fully grown chickens, it doesn’t matter to me. I have laying hens that lay brown eggs and it is great to have really fresh eggs to bake with and to cook with, and just for eating, they are the best! So it’s kinda like a hobby I guess in a way of sorts but at least I get something good and fresh from it! Well that’s enough about me today, as you can see, I’m a country girl!

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