Laundry On the Line

There is nothing like the fresh smell of laundry that’s been hung out on the clothesline! I think that maybe it’s the sunshine that gives it that wonderful smell, all I know is that it’s wonderful to lay down on those sheets and pillowcases that have been hung out on the clothesline in the fresh morning air and sunshine and then taken off the line and put on the bed. I may be the only person left on the planet that still likes to hang out laundry. I do it for several reasons, first of all because I just enjoy it, second of all, it saves money on the electric bill, third of all, I love the smell of freshly hung laundry. From Spring until the end of Fall I hang my laundry out, I do wait until after the days of pollen though! I use my dryer in the Winter months, oh bother! I’m from the South and growing up it’s just something that we always did. With so many of us kids at home that may have been the reason but I don’t think so! So for all of you who have never hung your laundry out, string you up some line and try it, you just might like it!100_0863


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  1. Hi I’m from Australia where it’s still common to hang your clothes on the line!! Your not alone, I love it and as an artist I’v dedicated quite a few works about the subject!!!!

    • I can see where it can make great art! I know that your work about it is really wonderful! I would love to see some of it. I really do enjoy hanging out my laundry, it is a truly a very peaceful and thinking time for me!

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