My Friend

I think we all have that one special person in our life that we feel, we know, we can call our true friend. That person we can tell anything and we know he/she will understand and will truly listen to us and will share in our happy moments as well as our sad ones too. It may be someone we may have met as a child, in school in kindergarten, in junior high school, or even later when we started our families. Maybe we met them through our jobs, or through a boss or coworker, how we met doesn’t really matter, the fact that we met and became friends is what really matters most of all. I have a dear friend that I rarely get to see but I know she’s always there for me. I can call on her day or night and she will be there and she knows the same goes for me also. We both have grandchildren now and we spend a lot of time helping out with them and we both just spend a lot of time with our grandchildren because we love them so much! We may not talk often and we haven’t spent a lot of time together but we know we are dear friends and we always will be! I love you dear friend.2gangels

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