Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is not easy living with just one of these disorders but when you have both of them life can be really tough at times but you don’t want to just give in. It is easy to do just that very thing but life is too precious to live it in pain and suffering. Stiffness and pain can consume your body when you have fibromyalgia, throw in the soreness, the stiffness, the added pain of RA and you really have some problems. You truly feel as though you just cannot get up and get going most mornings due to the lack of sleep, the night pain, the soreness and being so stiff in certain parts of your body. But I’m here to tell you my friend, you can do it! You can get up out of that bed and it will help you to feel better! I have all of these same problems myself, I feel that I cannot get out of bed most every day but I do. Pull yourself out of bed, stretch your arms and your legs first, slowly raise your arms up and by your side just a few times, then bend your knees and raise your legs just a little to stretch them, one at the time ofcourse, just a few times each. Now, standing, if you can, lean back just a little to stretch the muscles in your back a little. Now, lean your head forward until your chin touches your chest, or as far as you can easily do it. Now open and close your hands a few times to get the circulation going in them. These are some exercises they had me to do when I was taking physical therapy. It helped me and I have continued doing it at home. Walking is a good form of exercise also, even if you can only take 4 steps today, maybe you can take 5 steps tomorrow. I hope and pray that this encourages someone with either fibromyalgia or RA to try this and see if it helps you.Praying for all of you to have good sleep, no pain, peace and comfort.

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