It’s All About the Spoon

Remember waiting patiently for the spoon that would have that leftover cake batter or muffin batter on it? Oh does that bring back so many memories! There were so many of us kids that you had to be quick to get that spoon at our house! I come from a very large family and proudly so, there were 12 of us kids to feed. With that many mouths to feed you have to be frugal and raise a lot of what you eat also. I think that is probably why I have such a love of cooking as I do. I always enjoyed watching my brothers eat, ( they never knew this, it’ll be our secret). Getting back to the spoon licking thing, I would always secretly save a little batter for whoever was the youngest at the time, so no matter who 176457_1435483545872_1796486539_830242_4856710_ogot the spoon or the bowl, the youngest one, ( old enough for cake batter), always got some too! So the next time you bake that cake or those muffins, lick the spoon and enjoy!

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