I Want to Work With Fondant

DSCI0350I’ve always wanted to make those cute birthday cakes with stripes and the polka dots with 5-6 layers and a really cute bow on top! Those made with fondant and buttercream icing with all the bright colors! You’ve seen them, the ones that every one ooh and ah over. You can’t help it, they’re just so amazing! Classes have been offered nearby where I live but it was just not at a convenient time for me. The cake and icing part I have no problem with, I need some help with the fondant. I’ve never tried to work with it before. Some day I will because it’s so pretty to me! I’ll let you all know when I do and I’ll post some pictures! The birthday cake in this picture was made by Nicole C., isn’t it great? This is why I want to learn how to use fondant!


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  1. I’ve always wanted to make pretty fondant cakes too, but the taste of it puts me off.. =/

    • I know what you mean Hannah, Fondant makes a cake look so beautiful but some people just do not prefer the taste of fondant! I do however think that most people tend to love the buttercream frosting!

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