EB,4 Year Old Little Angel Battled Cancer So Bravely

Jeremiah: 29:11    Philippians:4:6      These are the scriptures I held onto throughout little EB’s sickness with cancer, knowing that it would be God’s will in the end and that He would bring true comfort and peace and understanding to EB’s parents and big brothers and to all of us who knew and loved her if this terrible thing called CANCER was to take her away from us.  EB  was only 3 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer, she had a tumor of the brain. She was diagnosed in November of 2009 just before Thanksgiving. She had cancer growing around her brain stem. Following surgery, EB had a stroke and she DSCI01722followed up with aggressive radiation and chemotherapy. She did this from February to May. EB went into REMISSION! But all too soon, in October the cancer came back; a very aggressive form of cancer requiring the use of an experimental form of treatment. ( At this point the doctors told EB’s parents that there was nothing else they could if this did not work for her.) The doctors would not know for sure if this treatment worked until January12, 2010, when EB would go back for an MRI. The following are some statements from just a few of the posts I made in my Notes on my FB Page: June19,2010-EB turned 4 this past Monday!, June14,2010. I saw them at the Diner, her Daddy told her to hold up her fingers and show me how old she was now, EB held up 4 fingers…you don’t have any idea what a milestone this was for this precious little angel that couldn’t even lift her fingers only a few short weeks ago! Praise God! Saturday July10,2010, EB’s MRI is clear, no sign of cancer! She is pulling through!EB is pulling herself up! Saturday October2,2010, MRI showed spot. she will need a spinal tap to check for cancer cells. I pray that the “spot” is from the radiation itself. Wednesday October6,2010, EB goes for spinal tap……    ebwaiting.March25,2010-A friend messaged me and told me that the doctors told EB’s parents that it was time to make arrangements. EB has been very sick and has gotten a lot worse according to my friend who is in very close contact. How do you make arrangements for your child? What do you say to these parents and to these 2 beautiful big brothers? EB is brought home to be with her parents and brothers during her last and final days. What I want you to know about this precious child is that she never complained, she always had a sweet smile on her face and she touched so many lives with her sweet spirit! The ebcommunity in which she lived rallied together in love and togetherness for this special angel. Her school, surrounding communities, friends, family, neighbors, churches, so many people together who loved EB. EB you are truly loved and missed but will never be forgotten!


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  1. What a touching, yet uplifting, story. Although tears are forming in the corners of my eyes as I type this, I am smiling too at the little girl who raised her fingers to show that she was four years old. What a special child she was, clearly loved by so many.

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