Remember Those Summer Picnics?

Remember those summer picnics with the family and friends all scattered about on the ground on blankets or bed sheets or towels? Coca cola and RC drinks covered in ice, sandwiches of all kinds, fried chicken, potato salad, moon pies, and it wouldn’t be a picnic from the South without some good ole banana pudding! Those were the days. Even if it was  a lazy day with just the family, a small picnic in the backyard, it was still a picnic! These are relaxing times for me, I love a picnic! Whether it be a small one with just my husband and myself while we’re fishing or a large family gathering or picnic on the grounds at church, I enjoy it! Plan a picnic soon with your family and get back to the good ole days!

I do believe there are angels among us guiding us along life’s way.

I would like to dedicate this to all of the people of the great state of  Alabama who were affected and were victims of the April27,2011 tornados that ripped through our state causing such massive devastation and death. We truly love you and are praying for each and every one of you and yes, there truly are angels among us! Someday your lives will be back together and you will be sharing a picnic with your loved ones. I know that it may not seem possible at this moment in your lives but with all of the wonderful volunteers (I call them angels), your lives will one day be back to normal, or as normal as possible, and we will continue to pray for Gods blessings and comfort and peace. Thank you to ALL of YOU ANGELS out there helping to put the lives of our fellow Alabamians back together!

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