Missouri Officials Say at Least 89 Dead in Tornado

Tanner and Max

Missouri Officials Say at Least 89 Dead in Tornado. This is really so very sad as it is so much like the deadly tornados that struck Alabama in April. This is just so devastating. As I was watching the news this morning, a weather reporter that had been reporting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama on the day of the devastating tornado outbreak was now reporting from Joplin, Missouri. He became so overwhelmed by what he saw, so overwhelmed with emotion, that he could not even carry on for a few moments. He said that it reminded him of the devastation from Alabama and he knew what the victims of this tornado would be facing. These people will need our help just like our neighbors here close to home have needed our help. Please remember the pets of these precious people also. Many of them may be very far away from home and will try to travel back, please help out in any way that you can. Whether you volunteer, buy food, canned items, dog food, bottled water, diapers, baby wipes, can openers, whatever you do, it will be greatly appreciated I know! God bless all of you!

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