Moving Day

The time has finally come, moving day! I’ll be so glad to get finished with this moving thing. Packing and more packing, wrapping things and more wrapping things, wiping down things and more wiping down things. When does it ever end? I guess when the last box and the last piece of furniture goes out the door! We have 3 days left before we have to be out of this house. My husband works during the day so we only have the evenings to work on moving the heavy things out so that’s been a little slow. Moving the packed boxes hasn’t really been a big deal at all; just load, and go! We will have it all out by the time our time is up; we only have 1 more load and ta  da! we’ll only have what few personal items like bath items and a few clothes that we have kept back for the weekend. Yea for us! Happy Happy Happy! Smile  So to all of you who plan to move in the near future, pay someone else to do it! JK!  My 2 youngest grandchildren have been here during some of the time of the packing and they have been a BIG help…..they put things in the boxes and they take things out of the boxes…..da da da de de  de..Really, they are both just adorable! Hot smile  We’ll be living in a camper for about 2 weeks until our new home is ready. More to follow……

207066_208297479198506_100000547660091_764893_6573757_nThis is my very beautiful family, I hope you enjoy looking at their pictures as much as I love sharing them with you!


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  1. Living in a camper for two weeks does not sound like fun. But it sounds like lots of blog material to me. I’ll await photos of your new home. In the meantime, hang in there.

    • We’ve now been in the camper for 5 days, it’s really not too bad. I will cretainly post pics when we finally get in our house!

  2. Oh thank you so much for the nice compliment on my pictures. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! No, it has not been any fun at all in moving!I hope I never have to ever do this again! I am also very happy to meet you too! I do love to cook good old southern food, there is just no other food like it. I don’t care what anyone says. I love your recipes! I have tried several of them and believe me, they are fantabulous! That’s a word I use when something is so good it’s better than fantastic or fabulous, so I just say that it’s fantabulous! BTW,You have the sweetest smile, my daughter and I both agree on that just like we agree about your wonderful posts and recipes. We can now become true southern cooking sisters! Yea for southern cooking!

  3. I enjoyed so much looking at your family pictures. It is always nice to meet another Southern woman and especially one that cooks good ole Southern food! Moving is not fun. I have done it a lot in my life without the help of movers, too. You sound a lot like me. I used to love to hunt and fish, too, and I adore my one grandson. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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