Is Tot Mom Guilty or Innocent?

I have been following the “tot mom” case on television and it has been absolutely heartbreaking.To even think that a mother could ever harm her own child in such a way is just truly unbelievable. We, as human beings as a whole, do not want to even think that another person could be capable of doing such a thing, and the saddest thing to me is, she really hasn’t shown a lot of emotion in the court room until today. That was when they were talking about the bones of Caylees’, the fact that animals had possibly chewed on her bones and had drug her little body around in the wooded area. I have to agree with the court reporters that have years of experience in this, it didn’t appear to be genuine at all.I can tell you this, when the grandmother had to testify, her tears were genuine. I felt so sorry for her, she was so upset when she was talking about holding Caylees toothbrush, something so simple made her feel so close to her grandbaby. I can only imagine how she felt and feels now.  I just hope that justice is served and that the jurors make the right decision in this case. Someone killed this child and the medical examiner testified to that today. It is a homicide! This precious little girl was taken from her grandparents, from her uncle, other family and friends who loved her very much! She was thrown away like a bag of garbage, just thrown out by the road in the woods like trash. She was a beautiful and loving little girl who never got a chance to go to school, graduate, date, get married, have a family. These were all taken away from her. Her family will never get to see her do these things. How very sad. She knew they loved her I’m sure but the person she thought loved her the most may be the person who took her little life. The jurors will decide that in a court of law. They will make the final decision. If they decide guilty, then the decision will have to be made if she gets the death penalty or some years in prison. I’ll continue to watch and see what happens. I’ll see what her reaction if any is on the final day. Broken heartangel3

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