Moving In……. Finally

“The Day” has come, we finally get to move into our new home! After 2 months of living in a camper, waiting for our home to be built, inspectors to inspect, air conditioning people to come out, and various other things that had to be done, we finally got the ok to begin moving our “things” in. Hmm…. things I thought, a zillion things raced through my mind; what to move in first, where to even begin. I’d had 2 full months to think and sort this out and here I was standing here like a deer in headlights wondering just what to do. What I really wanted to do was just grab up the first thing I came to in storage and just start running with it like a star athlete or something to get it in my new house. You see, we have a really big shop that my husband sometimes uses for various projects but for these 2 months we used it for storage. So you see, I only had about maybe 60 yards to go with it but the problem is, I can’t. I wanted it all in the house, unpacked, put away, furniture arranged, the new furniture delivered, everything looking really nice, but I couldn’t do it all myself. I have good days and bad days, but I’ve come to terms with it and on my good days I do just as much as I can possibly get into 1 day! Life is just too short to let it pass us by! But it all slowly but surely will get moved in and slowly but surely everything will get unpacked and put away and soon it will all look really nice. When it does I will post some pictures so all of you can see my lovely home that I am so very thankful for. I would like to thank my son in law, Chris, for all of his hard work to help us get into our home. I would also like to thank his brother, Philip, for helping us out like he did. I appreciate both of you helping us so very much! A big thanks to our neighbors, Mr. Rex Brooks and Mrs. Bobbie for use of their camper, providing us a place to live while our home was being built, and a thank you to Frog for letting us use the camper…Thanks to you also! Thanks to Pam & Lucy also & Dawn for all their hard work. Moving in is WONDERFUL!!!Thumbs upDSCI0396

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  1. Oh how exciting! Enjoy your new house 🙂

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