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Back Pain Added Today

I thought yesterday was bad enough and it couldn’t get much worse but I was wrong, this morning I couldn’t get out of bed without help, my feet were still swollen, but thankfully I can say that by 9:00 this morning the swelling had gone way down. So my feet are getting much better! I am wearing my TENS today for my back pain and it’s helping with my pain. For those of you who are not familiar with this little machine; it has little electrodes attached to it and you attach2010-09-14_14-31-16_30[1] - Copythese to your back and plug them to the machine, calleAnnoyedd a TENS. It sends shock waves thru the back and helps with pain. I’ve had it on since 6:00 this morning and I feel much better now. I will wear it most of the day to help with my pain and discomfort. My muscles are a little better today but I am still having some problems with pain and movement. Using my arms is very difficult today. I pray for a much better day tomorrow. I don’t usually post about my health problems but I felt as though I should since I have not been where I could post due to my health problems. Thank all of you for your concern and cares.