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Death of Family Pet Brings Much Sorrow

The death of a family pet brings much sorrow, especially when you have had this precious pet as part of your family for seventeen years. My 13 year old grandson lost his beautiful Rottweiler that he has had his entire life. My daughter and her husband,(then boyfriend), at the time they got Jake; (that’s the beautiful pets name), they were just dating. Jake has been a part of their family even before they became a family! He was such a loyal companion. When  Dalton was just a baby learning to crawl; I can remember him laying on top of Jake in the middle of their LR floor, Jake just laying there with Dalton crawling all over him. He had his ears pulled, his nubby little tailed pulled, and he got lots of sloppy kisses and lots of hugs from a little toddler! He never once snapped at him or any other child to my knowledge, he was just a laid back sweet Rottweiler that was loved by his family and he loved them too! Dalton went out to check on him and give him water like he did several times a day due to the heat and due to the fact that Jakes health was failing and Dalton kept an extra check on him. When he called to tell me about Jake passing away it was very sad. He took Jakes death just like we all knew he would. He loved Jake very much, really almost like you would a brother or maybe a best friend, I think would be a good way to describe his love for him. Jake was a great friend and companion for Dalton. I have always said, your dog will love you and will stand by you when no one else will! Many times in my own life that has proven to be true. I know that it will take a while for my precious grandson to get over Jakes death and from time to time he will think of him. He has some wonderful memories of him and Jake DSCI0104and that will help. Jake is in Heaven now and he’ll be watching over Dalton, watching him grow into a wonderful handsome man and he’ll be proud!