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Spring is Here and Motorcycles are Out!!

It’s that time of year again when flowers are blooming, trees are beginning to put out new green leaves, fruit trees are budding with new fruit of the season and spring gardens are being planted! Along with that comes nice warm temperatures which bring people out of their homes and enjoying the nice days of Spring! Those of us who love the feel of a motorcycle and the feel of the wind in our face and the wide open spaces and just getting out and riding and enjoying God’s beauty will begin to be out in full force now! Those of us who ride follow the rules of the road just like we do when we are driving our cars or trucks, but much DSCI0203 more carefully! Please watch for us out on the road and give us our space and please use caution with us, please look twice and save a life,it would really mean so very much to each one of us and to our families.