What Did You Do This 4th of July

What did you do to celebrate this 4th of July, or better known as Independence Day? My family celebrated by attending a small town parade that we so much enjoy each year called the China Grove parade, so named after the little community for where it is held each year on the 4th of July! It is a wonderful parade and most entertaining to say the least, people enter their riding lawnmowers, all terrain vehicles, boats, motorcycles, go carts, mules, golf carts, ride their horses, ride their horse drawn and mule drawn wagons, some people choose to just walk, veterans from our past wars enter, and walk the full length of the parade route, I might add. We then gathered back at our home for some hamburger and hotdog grilling by my husband while the grandchildren played and we attempted to stay somewhat cool, after all we are in the south! When he yelled ready, the kids were ready too, all of them gathered around the table for their turn at a hotdog and a hamburger cooked to perfection by Grandpa! After that they knew there would be something sweet that I had made from scratch. My only granddaughter who is 3, wanted a cupcake when she had finished eating so her Momma got her one and handed it to her. She quickly handed it back to her Momma and said, give me one without bones please! You see, I had bakes Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting with pecans finely chopped in the frosting. She took one bite and thought they had bones in them. We just cut the top off and she kept eating! There were fireworks later in the evening at the university here but we didn’t attend those this year, I wasn’t feeling up to it. All in all, we had a great day! Hope you did also!Rolling on the floor laughingDSCI0269


Buttermilk Biscuits

There’s just nothing like a fresh from the oven home made buttermilk biscuit all slathered in butter with your favorite jam or jelly or even your favorite preserves. Either way, they are just so good for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. At my house we call it supper! No matter what you call it, biscuits can be made for most any meal to be served with meats, gravies, butter spreads, syrups, or just alone. When I was growing up, my brothers and sisters and my cousins and I would take a cold biscuit, stick our finger in it to poke a hole in it, then pour syrup in the hole and we called them pokey biscuits! How many of you have ever eaten a cold biscuit for your snack, and especially a pokey biscuit? I would love to hear from you! Well here’s my recipe for homemade Buttermilk Biscuits, hope you enjoy them!    Plate   I normally “hand make” mine but I’m giving y’all the “other” version!                  Buttermilk Biscuits:  2 cups self rising flour    2/3 cup buttermilk     1/4 cup shortening    preheat oven to 475 degrees   lightly grease baking pan   mix flour and shortening together with pastry cutter or knife & fork method until it looks like small peas    add buttermilk, stirring in slowly just until mixed together, do not over mix   lightly flour pastry board or counter    roll out dough    cut out with biscuit cutter  (I use a small pineapple can) (I just cut the bottom and the top off and Walla, I had a biscuit cutter!)   place biscuits in baking pan and bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown. oven temperatures may vary so watch biscuits closely for the first time to check how long it takes in your oven!


This is my sister and myself and 2 of my cousins! My sister is on the horse! Good times! Great memories!

Moving In……. Finally

“The Day” has come, we finally get to move into our new home! After 2 months of living in a camper, waiting for our home to be built, inspectors to inspect, air conditioning people to come out, and various other things that had to be done, we finally got the ok to begin moving our “things” in. Hmm…. things I thought, a zillion things raced through my mind; what to move in first, where to even begin. I’d had 2 full months to think and sort this out and here I was standing here like a deer in headlights wondering just what to do. What I really wanted to do was just grab up the first thing I came to in storage and just start running with it like a star athlete or something to get it in my new house. You see, we have a really big shop that my husband sometimes uses for various projects but for these 2 months we used it for storage. So you see, I only had about maybe 60 yards to go with it but the problem is, I can’t. I wanted it all in the house, unpacked, put away, furniture arranged, the new furniture delivered, everything looking really nice, but I couldn’t do it all myself. I have good days and bad days, but I’ve come to terms with it and on my good days I do just as much as I can possibly get into 1 day! Life is just too short to let it pass us by! But it all slowly but surely will get moved in and slowly but surely everything will get unpacked and put away and soon it will all look really nice. When it does I will post some pictures so all of you can see my lovely home that I am so very thankful for. I would like to thank my son in law, Chris, for all of his hard work to help us get into our home. I would also like to thank his brother, Philip, for helping us out like he did. I appreciate both of you helping us so very much! A big thanks to our neighbors, Mr. Rex Brooks and Mrs. Bobbie for use of their camper, providing us a place to live while our home was being built, and a thank you to Frog for letting us use the camper…Thanks to you also! Thanks to Pam & Lucy also & Dawn for all their hard work. Moving in is WONDERFUL!!!Thumbs upDSCI0396

Max said so!

Death of Family Pet Brings Much Sorrow

The death of a family pet brings much sorrow, especially when you have had this precious pet as part of your family for seventeen years. My 13 year old grandson lost his beautiful Rottweiler that he has had his entire life. My daughter and her husband,(then boyfriend), at the time they got Jake; (that’s the beautiful pets name), they were just dating. Jake has been a part of their family even before they became a family! He was such a loyal companion. When  Dalton was just a baby learning to crawl; I can remember him laying on top of Jake in the middle of their LR floor, Jake just laying there with Dalton crawling all over him. He had his ears pulled, his nubby little tailed pulled, and he got lots of sloppy kisses and lots of hugs from a little toddler! He never once snapped at him or any other child to my knowledge, he was just a laid back sweet Rottweiler that was loved by his family and he loved them too! Dalton went out to check on him and give him water like he did several times a day due to the heat and due to the fact that Jakes health was failing and Dalton kept an extra check on him. When he called to tell me about Jake passing away it was very sad. He took Jakes death just like we all knew he would. He loved Jake very much, really almost like you would a brother or maybe a best friend, I think would be a good way to describe his love for him. Jake was a great friend and companion for Dalton. I have always said, your dog will love you and will stand by you when no one else will! Many times in my own life that has proven to be true. I know that it will take a while for my precious grandson to get over Jakes death and from time to time he will think of him. He has some wonderful memories of him and Jake DSCI0104and that will help. Jake is in Heaven now and he’ll be watching over Dalton, watching him grow into a wonderful handsome man and he’ll be proud!

Back Pain Added Today

I thought yesterday was bad enough and it couldn’t get much worse but I was wrong, this morning I couldn’t get out of bed without help, my feet were still swollen, but thankfully I can say that by 9:00 this morning the swelling had gone way down. So my feet are getting much better! I am wearing my TENS today for my back pain and it’s helping with my pain. For those of you who are not familiar with this little machine; it has little electrodes attached to it and you attach2010-09-14_14-31-16_30[1] - Copythese to your back and plug them to the machine, calleAnnoyedd a TENS. It sends shock waves thru the back and helps with pain. I’ve had it on since 6:00 this morning and I feel much better now. I will wear it most of the day to help with my pain and discomfort. My muscles are a little better today but I am still having some problems with pain and movement. Using my arms is very difficult today. I pray for a much better day tomorrow. I don’t usually post about my health problems but I felt as though I should since I have not been where I could post due to my health problems. Thank all of you for your concern and cares.

Fibromyalgia Can Make For a Bad Day

I’ve been having a few bad days with my fibromyalgia. Those of you who suffer with this know just how I feel. I haven’t had any sleep in the past few nights and I am extremely tired. The muscles in my arms and legs feel like rubber and have been in pain for the past few days just about constantly. I am 2 several meds for this but none of them seem to be helping very much this week for some reason. Maybe in a day or two I’ll start feeling better. This has to be about the worst it has ever been. I’m not sure, maybe I have said that before, maybe not. All I know is that I certainly am not feeling too well right at the moment. I just feel that I need to post something, since I haven’t posted anything in a few days I don’t think. Good day to all of you and I promise I’ll do better next time around!Princess

Is Tot Mom Guilty or Innocent?

I have been following the “tot mom” case on television and it has been absolutely heartbreaking.To even think that a mother could ever harm her own child in such a way is just truly unbelievable. We, as human beings as a whole, do not want to even think that another person could be capable of doing such a thing, and the saddest thing to me is, she really hasn’t shown a lot of emotion in the court room until today. That was when they were talking about the bones of Caylees’, the fact that animals had possibly chewed on her bones and had drug her little body around in the wooded area. I have to agree with the court reporters that have years of experience in this, it didn’t appear to be genuine at all.I can tell you this, when the grandmother had to testify, her tears were genuine. I felt so sorry for her, she was so upset when she was talking about holding Caylees toothbrush, something so simple made her feel so close to her grandbaby. I can only imagine how she felt and feels now.  I just hope that justice is served and that the jurors make the right decision in this case. Someone killed this child and the medical examiner testified to that today. It is a homicide! This precious little girl was taken from her grandparents, from her uncle, other family and friends who loved her very much! She was thrown away like a bag of garbage, just thrown out by the road in the woods like trash. She was a beautiful and loving little girl who never got a chance to go to school, graduate, date, get married, have a family. These were all taken away from her. Her family will never get to see her do these things. How very sad. She knew they loved her I’m sure but the person she thought loved her the most may be the person who took her little life. The jurors will decide that in a court of law. They will make the final decision. If they decide guilty, then the decision will have to be made if she gets the death penalty or some years in prison. I’ll continue to watch and see what happens. I’ll see what her reaction if any is on the final day. Broken heartangel3